Non-Cash Loans
Non-Cash Loans


  • Bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment bonds, special (free) letters of guarantee.
  • Eximbank performance bonds, Letters of guarantee in foreign currency or Turkish Liras.
  • Letters of guarantee extended for collateral for direct loans extended by Türk Eximbank to support export preparations for manufacturers and exporters producing export-oriented goods.

Pre-finance bonds
External guarantees provided as collateral for credits obtained from abroad, via banks within the country, to finance the procurement of goods and services for sales and deliveries considered as exports.


Letters of Credit
L/C's are import loans that can be utilized as Payable At Sight, Deferred Payment or Mixed Payment. The L/C text which contains the agreed import conditions between the buyer and the seller is provided by our Bank generally along with a confirmation and payment to be affected in the event of realization of proper shipment as per the L/C text.

Acceptance/Aval Loans
Acceptance loans are import loans which allow you to pay your imports in deferred payments. Generally utilized in cash against documents or goods, the draft issued by the exporter is to be accepted by your company and then avalized by our Bank if deemed necessary and thus payment to the exporter party is guaranteed.

Since investment and development banks do not collect deposits, they are authorized to offer leasing agreements as stated clearly in article 11 of the regulation dated 28.04.1992 on the basis of the Leasing Law. In this respect, the clients are able to make direct use of our leasing offerings for their medium and long-term investment assets financing needs.

Foreign Relations
GSD Bank is an investment bank engaged actively with foreign trade operations, and provides all services including obtaining cash and non-cash financing from abroad in line with the demand from the clients.


  • Cash Payments
  • Letters of Credit for Imports and Exports
  • Credits against Documents for Imports and Exports
  • Credits against Commodities for Imports and Exports
  • Pre-Finance Bonds for Exports
  • Discount on Import Letters of Credit